Friday, 29 June 2007

Summer Mornings 2 of 2

These are from the same shoot as the earlier post. I just wanted to keep the flowers separate from the roofs and skies. These flowers grow on the vines around the tennis court right outside my apartment.

Summer Mornings 1 of 2

I should be carrying my camera with me when I take Laya out for her morning walk. I had to hurry back and leave her in the bedroom to take these pictures. She did not like it! These are pictures of a heavily humid Florida summer morning. I had to keep rubbing the condensed mist off my lens, but I still managed to get a natural 'glow effect' with the little bit of condensation between shots.

You dont really need a fireplace in Florida. My apartment complex provides one as a 'luxury' anyway!

Thursday, 28 June 2007


I really need to get out in the sun and look around for inspiration. This is the best I could do at 11:50 pm in the night. The pictures do look a little tired and exhausted, just like I feel right now. Then you may ask why I am awake this late? The answers we give are only as good as the questions asked!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Too much work today. I have come home to run some errands and am going back to work for a few hours.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Slow Down

Sometimes, it is nice to slow down, throw those anchors out and just soak in the moments. I spend all my time rushing between timelines and deadlines, between home and work. Working late today, I decided to take it easy, let the mind relax and took a break at this coffee shop close to work. It is not a chain of shops and has a very homely atmosphere.

People sitting outside, vegged out and relaxed...

Cheerful interiors

Lights in the shop (playing with shutter speed)



I went on my first photoshoot with a professional photographer. This is one the the many pictures I took. I think with macro photography, I like roof lines against beautiful skies too.

This image has not been adulterated at all other than the polarizer usage.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Glass Jar

Sunday, 24 June 2007

James And Eddie

This is Laya and Eddie playing tug


So, I cropped further and the picture came out even prettier. Yes, I am obsessed with macro.

Ahmet and his Pimpin Sandles

He was just having a bad hair day!

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Philadelphia (tribute to TGFI)

I had to spend the night in Philadelphia on my way back from Ottawa in the not so picturesque parts of the nice city. This is the only nice shot I had between 11 pm in the night and 5:25 am the following morning...

Mural On The Wall

I had a picture of a mural on a wall of a building in downtown Ottawa. Here is a closeup.

I Heart Macro

Macro is probably the easiest feature to use in a nice camera and I am absolutely in love with it for its convineance and the detail. Here is a bud of something outside my apartment.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Day 3 - Carisse Studio Cafe

These are the last batch of the flood of pictures of Ottawa.

these are pictures of a quite little coffee shop outside the US consulate owned and operated by Patricia Penzin-Carisse (Pat). She houses all her husband's work on the walls of this coffee shop. The phenomenal pictures of all these important people add generous character to this coffee shop. Some of the best black and white pictures I have seen till date are on these walls. Her husband is Jean-Marc Carisse [website link]

The shop sign

The double espresso, my first ever

The walls of the shop

And lastly, Pat and her friend

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Day 3

Final Day in Canada. The last few Canadian dollars left.

Every big city has a little bit of construction

Some handsome guy at Carisse Studio Cafe, a classy coffee place on Sussex Drive.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Day 2 - The People

A city is only as beautiful as the people living in it. Here are some people of Ottawa, giving this beautiful city some motion, life and colour. The simple attitude of the people make Ottawa a really chilled out place. Very laid back.

Here is a song to go with the pictures. Kinda heavy, so mind those ear drums...
Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People

The Texas Ranger

Chic (as in fashionable to the uninitiated)

Banana Man

Iron Maiden


Afternoon Bake (picture taken from 18th floor of the Westin Hotel)

Street Performer

Laptop Girl in her own world

Elijah wood look-alike dude in his own world