Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Antique Look - 2

I tried the antique look again. This time on a picture of my cousin on her wedding day with her husband and baby.

The first picture is the original, the second is cross processed using nEO iMAGING. I havent bought the software yet, so you will notice the software's signature on the top left corner. The third picture is a sepia tone. I work with Picasa (because it is free), and have just done the sepia tone adjustment and a slight auto contrast/highlight. Nothing fancy.



This is a multi exposure of all three pictures. Not having photoshop, I do not have the ability to adjust the transparency of the layers as preferred by Rich Legg. I used Picasa's trusty 'Multi-exposure' under the 'Collage' button. Anyway, here is the outcome:



And here is a multi-exposure using just the original and the sepia tone version:



I like the second one better. It has the rustic look that I am looking for. You can notice it in the greens, they have turned slightly brown but not enough to look dusty. I do like the dusty effect too, as commanded by Roger Deakins to simulate a dusty southern summer.

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Bike Jax said...

Hi Shek. Not sure if your on Mac or Windows. But do a google search on Gimp.

It's an open source photoshop like program. It's pretty impressive, not to mention free.